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Freeze Warning
A Freeze Warning is in effect.

Freeze Warning Tonight

The National Weather Service warns that temperatures could drop into the 20’s across much of the region overnight tonight, including Sevier County.

The agency issued a Freeze Warning from 10pm Tuesday, April 15 until 10am Wednesday, April 16 for southwest Virginia, east Tennessee and southwest North Carolina. Widespread low temperatures between 22˚ and 28˚ degrees are expected, which may kill crops and other sensitive plants.

Sevier County residents can prepare for the hard freeze by bringing potted plants indoors and covering sprouting plants with straw or mulch. They may cover other tender plants with thick plastic, fabric sheets or quilts, ensuring the coverings extend to the ground and are not in contact with the foliage. The coverings should be removed as soon as temperatures rise above freezing.

Remember to bring pets indoors or provide an adequate shelter from the cold temperatures.

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