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Finding Rover App uses facial recognition technology.
Finding Rover App uses facial recognition technology.

Finding Rover App Uses Facial Recognition to Bring Lost Dogs Home

A free app can help reunite lost dogs with their family using facial recognition technology.

Finding Rover is a new service developed to help dog owners post a notice of their missing dog, and for people and shelters to connect with owners of dogs they have found.

Pets are part of the family and owners hope to never face the frantic search for a missing pet. They sometimes don’t know where to start when it occurs. Using facial recognition software developed by researchers at the University of Utah, Finding Rover works to match photos of lost dogs with found dogs. While this app will not replace the need for owners of missing dogs to contact their local shelter, Finding Rover is a high tech tool that may increase the likelihood of finding their dog.

How finding Rover Works for dog owners:

  • Dog owners can by prepared by creating a Finding Rover account to keep their contact information and photo of their dog on file. If needed they can then log into the account and in moments, report the dog as lost.
  • Dog owners who have already lost a dog and have a photo ready may create a Finding Rover account, upload a photo and immediately report as lost.
  • Dog owners can use the facial recognition technology to search images of dogs found by individuals and participating shelter partners.

How Finding Rover works for animal shelters, rescue organizations and people who found a dog:

  • They can upload a photo of the stray or found dog. If it matches a dog in the database they can contact the owner using the information on file.
  • When a shelter partner adds a found dog to Finding Rover, an alert is sent to all Finding Rover members in the area.

All users can view a list of lost and found dogs in their area. They can also view adoptable dogs posted by users and participating shelter partners.

Creators of Finding Rover released the iPhone app late last year and then the Android app this week. Users can also use the web version at

The success of Finding Rover relies on animal shelter and community involvement. In June, the San Diego Humane Society & SPCA became the first major animal shelter to partner with Finding Rover. Local animal shelters in Sevier County and surrounding areas are not participating yet.

Registration on Finding Rover is free. For shelters and rescue organizations, becoming a Finding Rover Partner is also free.

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