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Outdoor Gravity Park Attraction Celebrates Grand Opening

Outdoor Gravity Park Attraction Celebrates Grand Opening

Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge celebrated their grand opening yesterday with free OGO rides and a ribbon cutting with Pigeon Forge officials.

Mayor David Wear, and Tourism Director Leon Downey of Pigeon Forge were on hand Wednesday, May 14, 2015 for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new Outdoor Gravity Park by owners, Allen Skinn and Chris Roberts.

Outdoor Gravity Park Grand Opening

Pigeon Forge Director of Tourism, Leon Downey and Chris Roberts at the Outdoor Gravity Park Grand Opening

Located on the former Zorb site in Pigeon Forge, Outdoor Gravity Park features the New Zealand iconic OGO adventure and the spinning-in-place Fishpipe.

The OGO is a plastic sphere 11 feet in diameter, with a smaller sphere inside. One, two or three passengers dive into the inner sphere and get doused with water. The OGO then rolls down a steep 1,000-foot-long hill, with wet riders slipping and sliding inside instead of tumbling. Riders wanting a completely different experience enter a special OGO with harness seating and take a revolving roll down the hill.

Downey brought along his swim trunks to take a ride in the OGO.

The Fishpipe, a totally new attraction, is a rotating barrel water slide featuring a plastic barrel suspended in a steel frame. Passengers can go solo, duo or trio and slide inside the barrel as it rotates in place, covering a greater distance than any lateral water slide.

“Our site is 17 acres, and we have plenty of room to grow,” said Roberts, who is also a mechanical engineer. “We plan to add to more attractions this summer. Rest assured that both will feature gravity and fun.”

In recognition of the grand opening, Outdoor Gravity Park is donating $5 from each OGO package purchased May 13-14, 2015 to the Christian Appalachian Project.

Outdoor Gravity Park is located at 203 Sugar Hollow Road (light #1) in Pigeon Forge.

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