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LeConte Medical Center Welcomes New Physicians

LeConte Medical Center Welcomes New Physicians

LeConte Medical Center hosted a “Meet and Greet” introducing new physicians to area physicians and other medical providers in the community. In conjunction with Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center and Covenant Health, LeConte Medical Center provides a comprehensive array of healthcare services and quality healthcare providers in the community.

Guests were welcomed by Jenny Hanson, president/chief administrative officer of LeConte Medical Center and Keith Altshuler, president/chief administrative officer of Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, and other members of the LeConte administrative team.

LeConte Medical Center Welcomes New Physicians

The group of medical providers took a break from conversation for a group photo. Pictured left to right: Stephen Dill, MD, Ryan Wassenaar, DO, Gordon Holen, DO, Ihunyana Mbata, MD, Julio Guerra, MD, Laura Schnegg, MD, Cliff Cole, MD, Robert Santee, MD, David Vastine, MD, Pamela Wright, DNP, Jennifer DeBow, LeConte CNO, Jennifer Hanson, LeConte CAO, Natasha Townsend, MD, Keith Altshuler, Fort Sanders Regional CAO. Front: Colleen Cole, DNP, MBA, MSN, APRN-BC, CPC.

Bill Fry, MD and Stephen Dill, MD

Primary care physician Bill Fry, MD, talks with chief of staff Stephen Dill, MD, and LeConte president/chief administrative officer during the breakfast welcome reception.

Ihunyana Mbata, MD and Ryan Wassenaar, DO

Ihunyana Mbata, MD, and new doctor Ryan Wassenaar, DO, both LeConte Hospitalist enjoy breakfast during the welcome reception.

Laura Schnegg, MD

New OB/GYN Laura Schnegg, MD, talks with shop with Julio Guerra, MD, while enjoying breakfast. Dr. Schnegg just joined the practice of LeConte Women’s Healthcare Associates.

Sheryl Hill, PA-C and David Vastine, MD

Physicians’ Assistant, Sheryl Hill, PA-C, LeConte Cardiology Associates, welcomes new internal medicine specialist David Vastine, MD, to Great Smokies Family Medicine.

The new providers who were featured at the recent breakfast event include:

  • Sung Yong Bae, MD, East Tennessee Nephrology
  • Emily Burdick, MD, Vista Radiology
  • Brandon Coffey, DO, LeConte Emergency Department
  • David Coffey, MD, LeConte Emergency Department
  • Andrew Conrad, MD, Vista Radiology
  • Frederick Ergen, MD, LeConte Emergency Department
  • Deanna Nelson, MD, Premier Surgical Associates
  • David Vastine, MD, Great Smokies Family Medicine
  • Laura Schnegg, MD, LeConte Women’s Healthcare Associates
  • Chase Trotter, MD, Knoxville Heart Group
  • Ryan Wassenaar, DO, LeConte Hospitalist

Physicians in attendance at welcome event (in addition to those listed above):

  • Jerry Bradley, MD, LeConte Emergency Department
  • Cliff Cole, MD, LeConte Pulmonology
  • Colleen Cole, DNP, MBA, MSN, APRN-BC, CPC: Hope Medical Clinic
  • Stephen Dill, MD, LeConte Cardiology
  • Bill Fry, MD, Summit Medical Group
  • Julio Guerra, MD, New Life OB/GYN
  • Gordon Holen, DO, Smoky Mountain Orthopedics
  • Jeffrey King, MD, LeConte Surgical Associates
  • Ihunyana Mbata, MD, LeConte Hospitalist
  • Brian Pugh, MD, LeConte Surgical Associates
  • Robert Santee, MD, Vista Radiology
  • Tony Sullinger, CRNA, Sevier Anesthesiology
  • Natasha Townsend, MD, East Tennessee Radiation/Oncology Group

Mid-Level Providers in attendance:

  • Sheryl Hill, PA, LeConte Cardiology
  • Cynthia Meadows, NP, LeConte Hospitalist
  • Pamela Wright, DNP, LeConte Pulmonology

For more information about the physicians who practice at LeConte Medical Center visit or call (865) 453-WELL (9355).

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