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Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge Unveils New DRYGO Zorbing Ride

Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge Unveils New DRYGO Zorbing Ride

Tourism officials were on hand today as Outdoor Gravity Park in Pigeon Forge launched its latest zorbing invention named DRYGO, the only ride of its kind in the United States.

Dave Jones, East Tennessee regional manager for the state’s Department of Tourist Development, and Pigeon Forge Tourism Director Leon Downey attended the unveiling of the DRYGO at Outdoor Gravity Park on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015.

The DRYGO is a dry zorbing sphere that allows one or two passengers to stay totally dry as they slip and slide inside, without tumbling, while the sphere rolls down a steep 1,000-foot long hill. Invented in New Zealand, it is made up of three plastic spheres, one inside the other. The largest one is 11 feet in diameter. The middle sphere contains a cushion of water, and the smallest sphere slides around on the water layer.

Outdoor Gravity Park Owner Chris Roberts

Owner Chris Roberts describes how the DRYGO differs from their H2OGO zorbing.

“The DRYGO is our latest invention. We will offer dry zorbing — or as we sometimes call it, dry sliding — on colder days through fall and winter. We are excited to bring our invention from New Zealand to the United States so we can deliver a unique experience to our customers,” said Roberts.

After days of rain and cloudy weather, it was a sunny fall day perfect for gathering outside at the attraction when Downey volunteered for the inaugural DRYGO ride. An SUV transported him with other guests to the top of the hill, where they would dive Superman-style into the sphere before rolling down a track in the hillside to where spectators watch from a deck area.

Outdoor Gravity Park DRYGO Zorbing

A DRYGO rolls 1,000 feet downhill while a conveyor carries H2OGO spheres back to the top of the hill.

Outdoor Gravity Park provides passengers with a GoPro Camera to video their adventure inside the zorbing sphere.

Outdoor Gravity Park Leon Downey

Leon Downey, director of tourism for the City of Pigeon Forge, experiences the DRYGO.

“A lot of fun!” Downey exclaimed after emerging from the DRYGO. “You can do it in any kind of weather.”

Downey also volunteered to ride the H2OGO when Outdoor Gravity Park held its Grand Opening in May this year.

Roberts said the business has enjoyed much success since opening. The owners have made considerable improvements to the property and have new projects in the works, such as a zipline that will open next summer.

Outdoor Gravity Park is open year round and located at 203 Sugar Hollow Road in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Besides offering dry zorbing in the DRYGO, the attraction will continue to offer its marquee attraction, H2OGO zorbing with warm water, where up to three passengers slip, slide and get wet, still without any tumbling.

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