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New Movie Theater Opening Soon in Sevierville, Hiring Staff

New Movie Theater Opening Soon in Sevierville, Hiring Staff

UPDATE: A construction delay has pushed the soft opening to Nov. 19, 2015.

A movie theater that is state of the art in both technology and comfort is set to open next week in Sevierville.

Governor’s Crossing Stadium 14 Cinemas will hold a soft opening Nov. 17-19, 2015, offering $1 admission to a selection of second-run movies, $1 small popcorn and $1 small soda. Proceeds from the soft opening benefit the United Way of Sevier County.

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 will premier on Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. at regular ticket price, while the full slate of first-run movies will be available on Nov. 20.

The 57,000-square-foot theater complex features fourteen screens with digital projection, including two with premium large format screens stretching from floor to ceiling and two others capable of showing 3D movies. It plans to capitalize on comfort rather than how many moviegoers can be squeezed like sardines inside each auditorium. Cushy, fully reclining leather seats with footrest are wide and operate electronically. They will allow patrons to enjoy the movie in luxurious comfort instead of fighting over a skinny armrest with the stranger sitting in the next seat.

A visit to the movie theater one week prior to opening day showed crews still hard at work placing those seats in auditoriums and finishing up the exterior of the building.

Absent is the box office. Moviegoers will instead buy movie tickets at the concession counter, using a self-ticketing kiosk, or online at There is an arcade in the lobby area.

This will be the tenth movie theater location for Southeast Cinemas, of Charlotte, N.C., who also operates theaters in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. It will be open seven days a week and have both matinee and evening show times. Ticket prices have not yet been set. The theater chain has a loyalty card program in which movie ticket and concession purchases earn points toward free movie tickets.

“We are really excited to be opening a theater in the community,” said General Manager Brian Wilson.

Wilson confirmed they were developing a special aimed at locals.

The opening of Governor’s Crossing Stadium 14 Cinemas brings about sixty new jobs to the area and the movie theater is still trying to fill those positions. Job seekers may apply in person 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Nov. 12 – 13.

Governor’s Crossing Stadium 14 Cinemas is located at 1402 Hurley Drive in Sevierville, Tenn.

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I am a Sevier County resident and active in my local community. I’ve spent more than 20 years as a graphic designer and copywriter, creating marketing materials to help small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations achieve their goals. I have a passion for equality, the environment and animal rights.


  1. I stopped by the place about 15 minutes ago and was told tickets go on sale, at the place, at 6 PM showing 3 films twice The Hunger Games, The Night Before, and The Secret in their Eyes. The first movie will start about 7PM the other two might start between 7 & 8PM. The regular scheduled show start tomorrow. I did hear there might be some thing Special in Jan. Part of the delay is due to inspections that the last three was done today. I think they could of done better with the info but they also just go their computers up and running when I got there to check it out today.

  2. Tim Moroz governors crossing stadium 14 will be having GRAND OPENING THURSDAY were opening with hunger games mocking jay beyond our control theirs no soft opening Hope you see you Thursday
    Still has coming soon and no movies listed.

  3. I hope they open today. Still says coming soon on their web page.

  4. thank you very much for your response. I wish they would clarify that through social media because they even had it in the newspaper today that they will be open today. A lot of people are planning on going still.

  5. Update: No soft opening at all but grand opening schedule on Thursday at 7PM

  6. so the soft opening will not happen on 11/17 or 11/18 anymore? Because it’s been out about how it will be 11/17-11/19 but I’ve heard today that it’s not gonna happen. so which one is it?

    • Candice Fitzgibbons

      Kathy Voncannon from the United Way of Sevier County sent a message that a construction delay has pushed the soft opening to Nov. 19, 2015. This update now precedes the article, but visitors may need to refresh the page in their browser to see the update.