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Winners Chosen from 2,230 Entries in 4-H Poster Contest

Winners Chosen from 2,230 Entries in 4-H Poster Contest

Sevier County 4-H Poster Winners for 2015-2016 have been named, with over 2,230 posters entered in this years poster contest. Winners were named in four award categories. The Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club and the Glenda M Johnson Sevier County 4-H Endowment Fund sponsor the awards.

The top nine winners will receive $25. Twenty-fiver dollar winners are: Ava Campbell, Boyds Creek; Eliza Sergent, Catlettsburg; Emily Farley, Catlettsburg; Kaia Howard, Catlettsburg; Rylie Jo Rawlings, Homeschool; Christy Newsom, Pigeon Forge High; Claire Jenkins, Pigeon Forge Middle; Tavin Morgan, Pigeon Forge Middle; Andrew Spinsosa, Sevierville Intermediate. In addition the winning posters from Tavin Morgan, Pigeon Forge Middle and Rylie Jo Rawlings, Homeschool and Eliza Sergent, Catlettsburg will be entered in the State 4-H Poster Contest later this year.

Sevier County 4-H Poster Winners

Posters selected to represent Sevier County in the State 4-H poster contest. “Join the 4-H Side” from Tavin Morgan, Pigeon Forge Middle School; “Stop Drop and Join 4-H” from Rylie Jo Rawlings, Homeschool Club and “Come Aboard the 4-H Train of Success!” from Eliza Sergent, Catlettsburg.

Fourteen $15 winners were named and include: Reed Bull, Catlettsburg; Brandon Bagent, Catons Chapel; Madelyn Hedrick, Homeschool; Isabella Lough, Homeschool; Shilah Whaley, New Center; Lehuanani Salas, Northview Intermediate; Ansleigh Moore, Northview Intermediate; Drew Lawall, Pi Beta Phi; Damian Fulk, Pigeon Forge Primary; Jacob Lee, Sevierville Intermediate; Grady Branton, Sevierville Middle; Elle Wlas, Seymour Intermediate; Bailey Burgess, Seymour Middle; Joyce Hongkham, Seymour Middle.

Ten $10 dollar winners were named and include: Kendall Grosser, Boyds Creek; Taylor McNutt, Boyds Creek; Katelyn Hedrick, Homeschool; Kennedy Davis, Jones Cove; Reese Hutchins, New Center;

Ryan Wright, Northview Intermediate; Cody Powell, Pigeon Forge Primary; Rylee Ownby, Pittman Center; Braden Hatcher, Seymour Intermediate; Kyle Monnin, Wearwood.

Twenty-two $5 dollar winners were named and include: Kendall Ownby, Boyds Creek; Harley McCall, Catons Chapel; Delaney Shults, Catons Chapel; Lindsey Hedrick, Homeschool; Amma Runion, Jones Cove; Makena Colson, New Center; Dylan Perry, New Center; Trinity Whaley, New Center; Jenna Riley, Northview Intermediate; Gianlucca Dellasantina, Pi Beta Phi; Scotti McFarland, Pigeon Forge Middle; Xander Evans, Pittman Center; Brennan Allen, Sevier County High; Karsen Martin, Sevierville Intermediate; Blake Russell, Sevierville Intermediate; Samantha Williamson, Sevierville Intermediate; Brennan Ayers, Sevierville Middle; Dan Branton, Sevierville Middle; Hannah Moseley, Sevierville Middle; Haley Thomason, Sevierville Middle; Maddie Godfrey, Seymour Middle; Hannah Joseph, Seymour Middle.

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