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Tennessee Officials Warn of Political Campaign Donation Scams

Tennessee Officials Warn of Political Campaign Donation Scams

Citizens are being warned not to fall for political campaign donation scams this Presidential Election year.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance’s Division of Consumer Affairs issued an advisory Wednesday regarding scammers that fraudulently solicit political campaign donations.

According to the agency, scammers often use Caller ID spoofing to pose as representatives from political parties or election committees. Because political groups are excluded from the provisions of the National Do Not Call Registry, scammers can more easily manipulate victims into offering donations.

“Scammers only care about stealing your money, not which political party you may support,” said TDCI Deputy Commissioner Bill Giannini. “Before donating your hard-earned money, first do your research and make sure you’re actually giving your contribution to your candidate.” reported a surge in email solicitations for donations by political action committees or PACs and that in many instances, little or no money actually reached the candidate.

People are advised not to give donations over the phone or by wire transfer. They can ensure their donation reaches a candidate by contacting the candidate’s campaign directly to offer donations.

Political campaigns can be researched through the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance.

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