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Spoilage Risk Prompts Gerber Baby Food Recall

Spoilage Risk Prompts Gerber Baby Food Recall

A Gerber baby food recall has been issued for four batches of Gerber Organic 2nd Foods pouches because spoilage could make children who eat the product ill.

Gerber Products Company announced today that it is voluntarily recalling two varieties of Gerber Organic 2nd Foods pouches because a packaging defect may leave them susceptible to spoilage during transport and handling.

“As a result you may notice that, in some cases, those pouches are bloated or product inside may have an off taste or odor,” Gerber President and CEO Gary Tickle said in a statement. “We are proactively working to retrieve all remaining pouches of the affected batches that fail to meet our quality standards.”

The company has received three reports of temporary gastrointestinal symptoms from consumers, but said it was unable to confirm if those illnesses were related to their product.

Consumers can identify products affected by the Gerber Baby Food Recall by locating the best by date and batch code on the back of the pouch:

GERBER Organic 2ND FOODS Pouches – Pears, Carrots & Peas

GERBER® Organic 2ND FOODS® Pouches – Pears, Carrots & Peas, 3.5 ounce pouch UPC 15000074319

Best By dates/batch codes

  • 12JUL2016 51945335XX
  • 13JUL 2016 51955335XX


GERBER Organic 2ND FOODS Pouches - Carrots, Apples and Mangoes

GERBER® Organic 2ND FOODS® Pouches- Carrots, Apples and Mangoes, 3.5 ounce pouch UPC 15000074395

Best By dates/batch codes

  • 13JUL2016 51955335XX
  • 14JUL2016 51965335XX

Gerber distributed these products to retailers throughout the U.S. and also to online stores. No other Gerber products are affected by the recall.

Consumers should not feed these recalled Gerber baby food to their child. They should contact the Gerber Parents Resource Center at 1-800-706-0556 for a replacement coupon.

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