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Class Offers Tips on Cooking for One or Two Peopl

Class Offers Tips on Cooking for One or Two People

“What’s for supper?” This question is particularly difficult if you are cooking for one or two people! Meal preparation is often viewed as “too much trouble,” therefore quick unhealthy choices often become the norm. Soon this habit becomes boring, expensive, and can lead to health concerns. So, perhaps it is time to try a few new ideas.

Make plans to attend the “Cooking for One or Two Program” that will be offered at the Sevier County Senior Center on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016 from 1–2:30 p.m. During this program you will learn what foods need to be included in your daily diet for best health, as well as cooking tips for preparing meals for one or two.

The program will be presented by partnership of UT Extension and Food City. Elizabeth Hall, RDN, LDN is the Registered Dietitian for K-VAT Food Stores Inc., and Linda Hyder is an Extension Agent with UT Extension – Sevier County. Elizabeth will present up-to-date nutrition information on how to make healthy food choices when grocery shopping for one or two people. Linda will demonstrate a few preparation tips with accompanying recipes, along with stressing the importance of food safety.

The cost for this class is $3, which covers the cost of food samples and handout materials. Advance registration is needed. To register please contact Linda Hyder at 865-453-3695 or [email protected]  or you may also sign up at the front desk of the Fort Sanders Senior Center.

“What’s for Supper?” Hopefully after attending this class you will have a delicious answer.

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